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Building Paint

Interior Acrylic Paint The water based glossy and semi gloss Acrylic Paints are odorless, durable and fully washable with easy and quick application they are suitable for home applications and places without the need for evacuating residents during painting such as Hospitals, Hotels, Garrisons, Health care and educational centers.
- Water solubale, 100% washable, and waterproof
- Human and environmentally friendly
- Fast and easy application
- Sanitary and odorless
- Economic
- It can be a sure alternative to oil and plastic paints, Kenitex etc..
- Applicable on Cement, Ceramic, Wood and Plaster surfaces
- Beautiful, durable and applicable on interior and exterior surfaces in accordance with latest European technology.
Exterior Acrylic Paint
-Silicone-Acrylic paint
Unique and special formulation of Rangtab Company repels dust and soot leading to stability and longer cleanliness of paint on building facade.
-Matte-Acrylic Paint
Produced in wide range of colors it is suitable for exterior surfaces and sloping roofs with long durability and resistance to the atmospheric factors and humidity.
This product is water soluble and it keeps its moisture resistance properties after drying.
Industrial and Building Paints
Oil, Plastic and Anti-rust are other products of Rangtab Company that have National standard certificate and suitable for using on Iron, Cement and Plaster.


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