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adhesives Cat,Alfa

Alfa , CAT Adhesives Alfa and CAT white wood glue are ideal for bonding wood and domestic purposes. Easy application and harmless to use they come in half and one kilogram cans and also in gallons and buckets.

adhesives 1,2,3

1-2-3 Adhesive

1-2-3 adhesive due to its versatility, has many fans in all industries and homes so that almost every trade will be taking this product. The adhesive is suitable for bonding metal parts, leather , stone , ceramics , most plastics, wood , gems , rubber , slates .. .its ideal for use on smooth surfaces.
This adhesive is composed of a drip glue and a spray adhesive activator . The adhesion time is 15 seconds and it quickly forms a very strong bonding.
Features and Uses:
- Has Excellent adhesion power
- High Viscosity.
- it does not leak thanks to its dense structure , no loss and suitable for use on vertical surfaces
- used specifically for stabilizing and repair of wooden parts.
- Suitable for MDF wood, Ply wood, rubber, most plastics and leather
- it is widely used in buildings and stone facade to hold slates and tiles.


  • چسب Alfa
  • چسب Cat
  • اسپری Alfa
  • اسپری Alfa 2
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  • رنگ ساختمانی بوش روغنی
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