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Acrylic waterproofing

White Waterproofing of Rangtab Company is a great product that is made according to modern European Technology and it is 100% waterproof, odorless, resilient and can be used on Asphalt, Cement, Tar Coating,Mosaic, Plaster.

This product can prevent leaking water from the roof very quickly and not only you can coat all walls that exposed to rain withthis product, but also you can give a beautiful view to the building.
- Quick and easy application
- Resistant to the atmospheric agents such as freezing temperatures, heat, and sun rays
- White Waterproofing is a good alternative for Tar Proofings in bathrooms and kitchens.
This product has the technical approval of Innovative Technologies and Surface Coating of Research Institute of the ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
Our other product the Nano-Colorless Waterproofing is water-Based and it is a good water-proof for special applications and can be applied over Wood, Plaster, Cement, Brick and Stone.
Available in Quart, galon and bucket containers.

  • - Your choice of colors
  • - Quick Application
  • - Superior adhesion
  • - Can apply on wet roof
  • - Can be applied on all vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces
  • - Eco and human friendly
  • - Economical
  • - immediate repair
  • - Non flammable
  • - Resistant to sunlight
  • - Temperature extreme resistance between -50°c to +150°c
  • - A roof covered with seamless rubber!
  • Please pay attention to the following points for more stability
  • 1- The surface underneath must be completely clean and free from dust , grease and oil
  • 2- To increase the quality of final job, Rangtab Acrylics Primer may be used as a liner in the first coat and use two coats of rubber within one hour interval
  • 3- This product is water Soluble and does not need any other solvent
  • 4- The ideal ambient temperature for application is between 10°c to 50°c
  • 5- Covering: 2 square meters (m2) per kilo


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