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Industrial paints

Industrial paints
The company has the capacity to produce special industrial paint for all types of steel constructions.
1- (Suleh) Paint for Factory Steel Frames: This is an air drying paint based on Alkid-Resin containing Zinc Chromide and Zinc Phosphate and other anti corrosion pigments. Due to its optimal surface adhesion and resistance to atmospheric conditions it is an ideal cover for protecting steel structures against corrosive environmental factors. Available in 20 and 25 Kilo containers.
2- Metal Structural Paint:
a) Double component Epoxy paint: Suitable for Steel Structures and industrial tanks, Water Pipes, oil and gas With excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals , the best coating for industrial structures .
b) Polyamide Epoxy Paint: This product has excellent resistance against detergents , water and chemicals and best used on metal surfaces , concrete , wood and cement surfaces. Available in 20 and 25 Kilo Aleppo


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