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  • پارسی (Persian)


Spray Paint
Rangtab Co. Produces several types of spray paints in multi colors. They are suitable for use on Wood, Iron, Brick and Plaster walls in different climatic environments. Excellent coating, shine, adhesion and Fast drying times are the key feautures of this product.
Available in 2 sizes of 300 ml (Alfa brand) used for domestic markets and the 400 ml (Rangtab brand) used mainly for export.
Gold Spray has widespread application in decorative and art work.
All purpose Adhesive Spray is a new product suitable for fast and easy bonding of all Paper , cardboard, Carton boxes, sponges, leather, cloth and polystyrene materials.


  • چسب Alfa
  • چسب Cat
  • اسپری Alfa
  • اسپری Alfa 2
  • رنگ های ساختمانی
  • رنگ ساختمانی بوش روغنی
  • عایق بام
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